A few words about us

A commitment to providing the correct solution to fulfill your needs is what drives us.

What started out as a passing interest turned into an obsession. Our principal architect, Pat Richard, has received considerable recognition for his experience and knowledge. Pat has travelled the country working on projects both large and small, as well as attending conferences, meetings, and industry trade shows to stay on top of his game.

We assist with those looking for answers.

We also spend a large amount of time helping those in the online community. This allows us to provide best practices based answers to common questions in an effort to assist I.T. professionals seeking answers.

Why choose us

We've proven ourselves to others. Let us prove ourselves to you.

The staff at Innervation has worked on countless projects for organzations ranging in size from 5 people to 50,000. In each case, we've provided the best solution for the customer at a competitive price. Additionally, there are these reasons to choose us:

  • > Recognized leader in the industry
  • > 4 time winner of the Microsoft MVP award
  • > Published author
  • > Proven track record among clients
  • > Considerable resources from which to tap
  • > Participants in beta and TAP programs
  • > Excellent relationship with Microsoft
  • > Flexibility in solutions and approach