Frequently asked questions

Can you help us migrate from Exchange version x to Exchange 2010?
Yes! Not only do we have experience with Exchange 2010, but Innervation was a member of the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program (TAP) for Exchange 2010. We've been running it in production for nearly a year. Additionally, our Principal Architect, Pat Richard, is a five time recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for work with Exchange! Also, Pat contributed to Jim McBee's new "Mastering Exchange 2010" book, which was released in April, 2010.
Do we need e-mail archiving?
Most organizations understimate the need for e-mail archiving. Among the benefits are a seemingly "unlimited" mailbox limit for your users; the ability to ingest all of your PST files into the archive; internal, external, and offline access to archived e-mail; and more. With today's litigious society, having an eDiscovery solution in place can make eDiscovery searches not only MUCH quicker, but painless. If your organization is a publicly traded company, or often involved in legal cases, eDiscovery is a necessity.
Why should be migrate to a newer version of Exchange? Our current verion works fine.
There are several reasons why an organization should look at Exchange 2010. These include supportability, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), higher Return On Investment (ROI), increased performance, and an expanded feature set. New features include strealined high availability, cross browser support for web access, flexibility in policies, transport rules, compliance features, etc.
Can't we just install this software by running setup and clicking "next" though the wizard?
Yes, and the resulting installation may very well work. But it won't take into consideration best practices and industraty standards, nor your organizations requirements and growth potential. Taking the time to do a proper anlysis of your environment, followed by a comprehensive design, testing, and implementation, will provide you with a much more robust, scalable, and stable platform.
We need validation of our environment/installation/solution. Can you help?
Absolutely. If your organization would like a peer review of your existing infrastructure, or needs just another set of eyes to review proposed solutions, Innervation can provide that assistance. If your organization needs some temporary assistance during large projects, we can assist there as well.

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