Featured projects

Our list of projects is ever changing...

Innervation is involved in many concurrent projects. Some are very similar to others, while some are quite unique. Some of those projects are highlighted below.

Implementation of E-Mail archiving solution.

In the past months, Innervation staff have implemented e-mail archiving, PST ingestion, and eDiscovery solutions for dozens of organizations using Mimosa's NearPoint solution.

E-Mail migration for major university

The staff of Innervation has assisted another vendor with the implementation and post install support for a project migrating thousands of users from SendMail and Lotus Domino to Exchange 2007, and then to Exchange 2010.

E-Mail migration and archiving solution

Innervation staff migrated a large school district from Exchange 2003 to a high availability Exchange 2007 solution, and added e-mail archiving, PST ingestion, and eDiscovery solutions.

Last added projects

  1. Active Directory migration
    Innervation will be assisting an east cost university with migrating their environment to a new, well organization Active Directory forest in early 2010.
  2. Exchange 2010 migration
    Innervation will be providing design and implementation services for an organization's migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 including high availability.

Working conditions

Reduced costs through remote access.

With today's technologies, many projects can be completed completely, or at least mainly, via remote access. This results in:

  • > Lower costs due to no travel expenses
  • > Quicker implementations
  • > Faster, cheaper post-project support
  • > Flexibility in implementation schedules
  • > More time available for project